Clay Hess's review of a Hayes mandolin... 

​We asked Clay to come over and give us his thoughts on the newest Hayes mandolin we had finished. He had been playing it for a short time. Nothing was rehearsed. We just asked him questions and he answered. We did go through it twice -- once in the workshop and once at the studio -- as we didn't know which would sound/look best. We decided to go ahead and post both. Many of the questions overlap, but you get to hear him playing in between too, so we just left it all in. If you only have a few seconds to get Clay's abbreviated review, skip to 5:50.

Our "New" Mandolin Endorser -- Jeff Parker of Dailey & Vincent 

Well, technically, this isn't a "new" event in that Jeff Parker has been playing his Hayes mandolin with Dailey & Vincent now for almost a year now. I, however, am finally getting around to letting everyone know! So, please visit our Players page to see what Jeff has to say about performing with his Hayes mandolin, and enjoy this D&V video that includes a couple of mandolin close-ups!

Hayes Instruments Now At Morgan Music! 

We are happy to announce that you can now visit our friends at Morgan Music in Lebanon, Missouri to see and play Hayes instruments firsthand! Morgan has just received their first Hayes guitar and will be receiving one of the next mandolins as soon as it isMorgan Music finished. 

We chose Morgan Music for their reputation, location and enthusiasm to serve the bluegrass market. Tell Alvin Deskins that we sent you! Morgan Music is located at 689 N. Washington, Lebanon, MO  65536; 1-800-869-5559;

(Please note that you may still purchase from us direct as well. Keep in mind that the price is the same, regardless of the seller! Thanks.)

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